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Winning Miss Pakistan USA 2017 title

It all began from a Facebook message from Zanib Haider, a president and founder of Miss Pakistan USA, inviting me to be a part of this prestigious platform. At first, I was very hesitant like any other Pakistani girl to be a part of a pageant, since it is looked as a taboo in our culture. But, when I told my fiancé, Anil that I was invited, he was thrilled and he gave me 100 reasons why I should do this and it will be a great experience. Yet, I was still doubtful due to our society norms. But, After much deliberation we filled out my form and submitted It together. Or should I say he filled it out for me. Once my application was submitted, I had to go through phone interviews, just like any other job interview.

After 2 months as I landed in DC for the pageant I had many stipulations. Nevertheless, being a part of this pageant was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I learned a lot about myself and who I am as an individual. I made many friends, these women were incredible who had amazing stories and in every way expressed qualities of women with a Beauty and a purpose. Pageant was 3 Days Long and consisted of photo shoots, rehearsals, interviews with judges, and then the day of the show. I can never forget that morning. My fiancé and friend, Hannah had flew from Houston to support me. I was very nervous that morning as we were having breakfast before we left for the venue. Anil, asked me why I was nervous and said, “I have seen you talk to business men who are very influential about your business. I have seen you explain them the most difficult things so easily, then why can’t you talk about yourself. This should be easy. You are going to win this pageant! There is no reason you should doubt yourself. You are here to win this!” Then he sent me the song by Eminem, “Loose yourself”. I listened to that song all day that day as I practiced my introduction and my walk. That day I told myself, “Hira be yourself, you are great at sales and this is sales. You are selling to the judges your best attributes and achievements. You are telling them why you deserve this title and you should believe that you deserve it before you can sell the idea to the judges and audience. I walked that ramp with Full confidence without a doubt in my mind that I will win!


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