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Humbleness is an essential key to succeed!

This past weekend I had an opportunity to hang out with Whitney Mercilus, the Houston Texans linebacker, player #59 and Chester Pitts, a former Houston Texans player. Before we had crossed paths at certain events, where like any other famous athletes they were meeting and greeting people and taking pictures. However, this time Anil and I were invited by our dear friend and executive consultant of Boom Media, Tamara Washington. She is also Whitney’s and Chester’s PR manager and a close friend to them. Other than them, Whitney’s family and some close friends of theirs were at our table. So I can say, this time I had an actual interaction with Whitney and Chester and I was blown away by both of their humble nature. At first I was uncertain how to initiate a conversation since everyone except me were family and friends, plus Anil had not arrived, so this time I had to initiate a conversation without him. Usually he is always by my side and he literally can talk to anyone about anything. This time I had to do it! Once I started talking to the guys (Whitney and Chester) I felt as if I was talking to my friends and catching up. Whitney showed me his 2 dogs pictures and shared their fun stories. I told him I had heard about their run away story. Lol. I just love animals! Eeeeek... He was also so happy talking about the two of them. Chester, on the other hand was explaining to me about the event we were at and the reason why this event is held every year in Houston, where all chefs come together and bring their best dishes. As we were all talking like a big happy family, I watched Whitney get up and talk to all his fans, and take pictures. Although, he is injured and too much of movement is not good for him after a surgery. Watching both of them made my belief even stronger that humbleness is a key to winning people over and to live a true successful life.  

#HoustonTexans #ChesterPitts #WhitneyMercilus

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