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The untold story of an ordinary girl...

Hi everyone, I apologize that I have been behind on my blogs but trust me I have been wanting to write this blog for 2 weeks now. Recently, Maxx Builders was a sponsor at an event “Be Incredibly Well,” hosted by Tosha Evans. She is a speaker of Tosha Morning Show at a radio station and also runs a program for health and wellness, focusing particularly on women and children. I heard about this event through my very good friend, Beena Yusuf also known as international designer and founder of B. Poshi. Beena was collaborating with Tosha at this event and since it was a women driven event, and also a fashion show they asked me to do an appearance as Miss Pakistan USA 2017. Combining Miss Pakistan USA and owner of Maxx Builders gives people a perspective of a strong woman. But I went with a purpose of sharing a story of a vulnerable girl. This girl was not someone who had it easy in life. Being an immigrant and coming from a family who come from humble beginnings, she had to face many challenges. Yes I wanted to share a story of the real Hira Khan. This untold story which many have never heard and never thought that Hira Khan the VP of Maxx Builders and now Miss Pakistan USA lived in vulnerability. It is not easy to share your insecurities or your struggles because no one wants to show that they are weak or vulnerable. However, I felt that this was a perfect place to share my story for the first time amongst the youth and women who may be going through their own struggles or they might have everything and take it for granted. I wanted to tell them that it wasn’t easy to be where I stand today. But with my willingness not to give up and keep going, I did it and I made it through and so can they. It wasn’t easy growing up as an immigrant kid. I faced many challenges that many teenagers and young adults take for granted. For example something simple like getting your drivers license. I remember not being able to drive because my parents were scared that I didn’t have a license. We all know how important it is specially in a big city like Houston to have a car and being able to drive in order to work, socialize, or just run errands. I mean there was no Uber in those days... Many teenagers get their license as soon as they turn 16, I got mine at the age of 24 thanks to the DACA act by our very own president Obama. Yes he is still my president. When I was in High school my friends and classmates were planning their future, which college they were going to go to, what degree they want, which career path they will take but I was thinking to myself how will I even go to college and even if I do how will I get a job? I was always very ambitious and a big dreamer. Some how I managed to start college at HCc but was kicked out due to immigrant status. On the other hand I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. No where to go. I was working odd jobs and one day my brother came to me and said let’s start our own business. A cell phone Store we named it Maxx cell center. A business I knew nothing about but I learned everything within 2 months and my brother and I did amazing for 2 years until the market crash in 2008. After a armed robbery we had to close that too. Then I did everything that came my way Fashion design, acting, modeling, home sales and managed to go back to school and finish my degree. Again my brother asked me to come into a family business so I did; again not knowing too much about commercial construction. We started from the bottom and now we are one of the leading commercial construction companies in Houston and were awarded Inc 5000 fastest growing companies with 215% growth in last 3 years. Maxx Builders and designers continue to grow with our hard work and dedication to the business. In year 2018 we are projected to grow 750% with 100 million in revenue in next 1-3 years. In addition this year I was crowned Miss Pakistan USA. I take a lot of pride being Miss Pakistan USA because I fit this title with my background and hardships in life. This title humbles me and reminds me everyday to work even harder. With this title I plan to promote women empowerment as an immigrant in USA. I also plan to help our youth achieve goals and excel in their careers by coaching and motivating them. I have intentions of writing a book and work with non profit organizations. My story tells you that no matter what hardships you may go through don’t ever lose hope and have grit. Grit is what makes you accomplish your dreams and makes impossible possible. I can say I have accomplished more than what I imagined in high school that same girl who had no direction.

This was my untold story and I’m sure you have yours.

With Beena Yusuf

With Tosha Evans

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