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Toast to Living well Gala by ZT Wealth

Mayor Sylvester Turner

Taseer Badr, CEO of ZT Wealth

My brother, Harris Khan and father, Shakil Khan

My Husband

Armani team from Las Vegas

Houston, TX is a city full of successful privately owned businesses. With a variety of successful businesses one name is prominent in their success, ZT Wealth. ZT Wealth is a full-service wealth management firm that provides specialized financial solutions and creates value for clients through a broad range of financial vehicles, including traditional, alternative and private equity investments. They now have locations in New York, Las Vegas and another in Dubai, ZT’s solid reputation for financial knowledge is spanning the globe. Founder and CEO of ZT Wealth is of Pakistani descent, Taseer Badr. He makes us all Pakistanis very proud. He is changing the negative mindset of Pakistan with his work within the community. This year ZT donated $600,000 to Altus Foundation. Other than the success and generosity of this company, ZT is also known for their annual gala. ZT Gala is one of the largest galas held in Houston with 1600 guests and it is not easy to be on their guest list. Attendees are prominent physicians, business men, athletes, and government officials. Each year the gala has a different theme and based on the theme is how guests , particularly women dress. It is exciting to see our own version of red carpet in Houston. This year was 20th anniversary for ZT Wealth, and it was a special one for me. They invited me as Miss Pakistan USA to announce awards with city the mayor, Sylvester Turner. I am truly humbled by the platform ZT and its staff provided me. It was definitely a proud moment for my dad to see me standing with the city mayor at such an auspicious event. In addition, all night I was asked to take pictures with the crowd and I was amazed by the guests, who gave me this honor and respect. One thing that my husband said to me when I became Miss Pakistan was, “you are not a celebrity, you are a public figure, always be thankful of your fans and give them the same respect they give you.” I am thankful to ZT and its staff for making me a part of their celebration and giving me this honor. Congratulations on another successful year!  

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